Thursday, July 12, 2012


Beautiful people! Welcome to my blog. This is where I will once a week keep you posted on what's going on in my life because I know you care. Just off the top of my dome if you've never seen Adam Sandler's movie, "Jack And Jill", please see it immediately. There's a scene where Jill who is really Jack, I mean Adam Sandler, does a Russian type style dance move and I can't stop laughing about it. And I also can't stop laughing at my brother for spilling his communion juice on the pew in church because his wife slapped his arm because she thought he said, "Damn" in church!  His response was a pause and then, "I said MAN"! Maybe you had to be there but I'm still laughing at that.
Has anyone noticed that Tyler Perry and Madea and  Joe are all the same person? No? Well don't feel bad because I just found out. I'm lying! Which is forbidden by the bible. Should I have spelled bible with a capital B? I don't wanna go to hell. You ever notice how Christians will send you to hell for everything. You playing' cards on Sunday? You going' to hell! You drinking alcohol? On a Sunday? Oh you going' to hell! One thing is for certain. Hell has public transportation. It has to. Because  there are too many people going there for too many little reasons.
I've recently published a book at Smashwords, which is very exciting for me. I'm sitting on a bunch of illustrations and written material and was clueless as to what I should be doing with them. A friend of mine, Jason Luntz, me on to it and I have become very fond of it. Like the old dog that now has arthritis and needs a three steps ladder to get on and off of the sofa. Maybe I'll spray the arthritis with the TV product that numbs doggy arthritis. Anyway, I published this book, "Your Mother". Over 1 million sold! Not quite. But as many a pastor have stated, "You got to speak that thang into existence!" The book contains jokes in classic "your mother" set ups. I've also added illustrations for some of the material because as I was looking over these jokes I just kept getting these crazy visuals. The cover of the book features the title, "Your Mother" and an illustration of this chic with these really built arms covered with tattoos. The joke is a straight for the juggler, short and sweet one, "Your mother got arms like Lebron James." Now if you are a Lebron James fan I dare you to compare the tattoos on his arms and the ones I drew on this chic. I'm looking forward to writing volume 2. But I'm thinking about calling it, "Your Father". Dads usually get looked over especially if they were absent for reasons other than death so people will probably want to hear some really harsh jokes directed at the father species. 

The End

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